Journey with me to the small town America of a century or more ago. Grab a stick of candy from the general store, plunk your penny on the counter, and settle down to share the dreams and journeys of a lifetime. 

July 2014

Groom by Design

Groom by Design

Book One of
The Dressmaker's Daughters


May 2013

The Marriage Barter
After her husband's sudden death, Charlotte Miller will lose the orphaned girl she calls her daughter unless she can convince someone to marry her in three short days.

Wyatt Reed has one job - bring all the orphans to Greenville. That job certainly does not include marriage. No matter how pretty the woman doing the asking.  

Finalist - 2014 Inspirational Reader's Choice Award

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For this God is our God for ever and ever; 
He will be our guide even to the end. 
                                        (Psalm 48:14)


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